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Grant Application --- Preamble


FoCAS offers two types of financial grant to anyone who is a paid-up member of the association

   (a)  to help defray incidental expenses incurred while conducting research;  

   (b)  to help with publication of the results of research. 


Research should involve significant use of Cumbria Archive Centres or Local Studies Libraries.

There is no limit to the field or scope of Cumbrian history being researched, so long as it is a significant original work; but personal family history will only be considered if it has a wider relationship within Cumbria.


Research Grants


Grants of up to £250 can be provided to help defray costs incurred in researching topics related to the history or heritage of Cumbria.  

Typical expenses could be travel, photography, photocopying, etc.

There is no limit to the frequency or timescale of research visits.

Researchers are encouraged to publish their work in an appropriate place and manner.

Publication Grants


FoCAS may occasionally grant up to £1000 towards the cost of publishing important work.  

The applicant should itemise what aspects of the publication process such a grant would cover  (e.g.  illustration, printing, binding, distribution, etc.).  

Quotes or invoices supporting applications are normally required.

Applicants should publish their work in an appropriate form, and in an appropriate place  (e.g. book, thesis, digital, etc),

and supply copies to the relevant Cumbria Archive Centres or Local Studies Libraries.

Publications must formally attribute the support provided by FoCAS, the Cumbria Archive Service and/or Local Studies Libraries.

Researchers should submit a 400-word summary of their research for use in a FoCAS newsletter. 


Application forms for grants (right) should be downloaded and returned by post.

Applications are normally considered four times a year.

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